Vanessa Sabino


I ♥ analysing data. Once a developer, I've found my true calling in the digital analytics world, where I can optimize things by putting together my skills in business, mathematics, and IT. If you'd like to work with me, apply to a job at Shopify.

See also unlisted jobs: Data Scientist (Toronto) | Lead Data Scientist - Marketing.

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  • Nintendo Network ID: vanessasabino
  • Xbox Live: baniz
  • PlayStation Network: bani_s
  • Steam: Bani (
  • Bani#1229
  • Apple Gamecenter: banis

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Life through numbers

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Presentations from my Slideshare account:

Quantified Sleep: Measuring sleep quality with Sleep as Android (2014)

Lightning talk for the Quantified Self Toronto Show and Tell.

One User, Multiple Channels (2012)

In Portuguese. Presented at a Conversion Thursday in São Paulo.

Free and Open Source Licenses (2011)

In Portuguese. Final examination for my Master's degree.